Software development for the blue economy

The development of software and smart solutions applied to the blue economy aim to obtain as much as possible from the available resources, which are by definition scarce, using the most modern environmental technologies.

software economia del mare
software economia del mare

Digital technologies at the service of the blue economy support the push towards sustainable development models that generate a positive and long-term impact on the health of the seas, coasts and depths.

Software solutions in the blue economy to optimize efficiency

Smart digital technologies in the blue economy optimize efficiency by reusing materials. These solutions are conceived and designed for the seas, fishing, aquaculture, the food processing industry, pleasure boating, coastal tourism and mining.

software economia del mare
software economia del mare

IPPO Engineering is attentive to the opportunities provided by the European Union in the marine energy and marine biotechnology sector for:

Environmental technologies to preserve the profitability of the traditional blue economy

One of the main challenges in using environmental technologies for the blue economy is to preserve the profitability of the traditional maritime economy made up of tourism, fishing, mining and energy exploitation. To achieve this, the focus is on reducing the impact of factors such as climate change, the decrease in biodiversity and pollution. The aim is that all human actions related to marine and maritime activities become more respectful of the environment.

software economia del mare

Investments in the growth of the blue economy

Investments in environmental technologies applied to the blue economy offer numerous opportunities:


Because the blue economy affects a large part of foreign trade and trade within the EU


Because they increase the supply of jobs related to the marine and maritime world


Because they reduce carbon emissions and increase the protection of the sea, land and fresh water

software economia del mare

Blue thinking

Environmental technologies in the blue economy promote the use of new solutions supported by scientific research that reduce production costs without sacrificing respect for the environment. Blue thinking looks to environmental sustainability and renewable resources as a set of possibilities for the benefit of social and economic growth.

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