Some IPPO Engineering projects

IPPO Engineering is a software house specialising in research projects that develop software related to the blue economy, renewable energies and energy efficiency. The adoption of intelligent environmental technologies is the focus of its activities.


IPPO Engineering is partner in STEP-2-SPORT project. This project focuses on energy efficiency and renewable energies used in sport buildings in order to achieve the implementation of the Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) for the reduction of energy demand and the promotion of renewable energies.


SEA EAGLE project involves the development and validation of an autonomous aerial vehicle aimed at monitoring and collecting marine waste in coastal areas.
The project uses autonomous aerial vehicles, equipped with high resolution cameras and image analysis software.
Monitoring and intervention actions are foreseen for the collection of waste both from the sea surface and from the coast. 


The aim of the project is to create a robust and reliable device capable of acquiring, storing and certifying the positions of the boats during navigation, in order to be able to determine that 70% of the navigation took place on the high seas, so as to be able to take advantage of the benefits linked to tax exemption.