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IPPO Engineering is the software house specialised in blue economy, renewables and energy efficiency solutions. Are you interested in envirotech projects?
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Our contribution to green and blue economy

IPPO Engineering is a software house focused on software related to the blue economy, renewable energy and energy efficiency and has been active since 2004. In recent years, thanks to its credibility, IPPO Engineering has been able to attract European funds, such as the European IEE Program – Intelligent Energy Europe and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
Attentive to every innovation in digital technologies, the company participates at projects throughout Europe, from Iceland to Turkey, from Lithuania to Portugal.
Technology can be medicine for Earth. Wherever you are, you can make a contribution together with IPPO Engineering.

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Environmental technologies at the service of blue economy

In the blue economy, environmental technologies aim at sustainability by favoring long-term models of the health of seas and oceans. The goal is to enhance the activities related to “blue growth”, starting from the observation that in virtuous ecosystems everything is reused within a process that transforms waste into raw materials.

IPPO Engineering, with its research and development activities for the blue economy, supports from a software point of view the implementation of:

On the blue economy

Sea Eagle

Drone to identify and monitor marine areas with bigger accumulation of waste and determine actions for their disposal.


Innovative device to acquire and certify the positions of boats during navigation.

Research and development on renewable energies and energy efficiency

IPPO Engineering with its expertise in digital technologies supports research and development projects regarding renewable energy and energy efficiency. Among the many activities, for example, it has dealt with one of the most important geothermal plants in Sicily in Letojanni (ME).

On energy efficiency

IPPO Engineering was partner in STEP-2-SPORT project.
This project focuses on energy efficiency and renewable energy used in sports buildings, in order to implement the Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) for the reduction of energy demand and for the promotion of green energy.

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