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Each of us can do something to save the planet we live in: just a few expedients are necessary. Climate change is now a reality and is causing atmospheric phenomena whose frequency and intensity are never seen before. Also, the global warming is now affecting our planet. These phenomena not only have an impact on the environment but often cause suffering, death and in general upheaval of the ecosystems and the wealth of biodiversity that sustains our life. If we continue burning fossil fuels or destroying forests, we will also continue burning our future.


What are the concrete actions each of us can implement to safeguard our Earth? just a few acts can make the difference, let’s see them in details.

decalogo per l'ambiente


The third global strike for the future was held on 27 September 2019: the whole world took to the streets to push national governments to become aware of the climate crisis and to plan the next steps to respond to this emergency.

The Fridays for Future is a global student movement, born to support the activism of Greta Thunberg against the plastic pollution and global warming. The movement takes its name from the initiative launched by this Swedish girl of taking to the streets every Friday, from August 2018, to demonstrate in front of the nation’s parliament and protest for the absence of concrete policies against climate change, with the aim of stimulate the Swedish government to cut CO2 emissions by 15% every year.  Thanks to this initiative, Greta Thunberg was invited to COP24 (United Nations Convention on Climate Change) in Poland, where she gave a speech that went around the world. Friday for Future is a spontaneous global mobilisation, in response to that speech at COP24. Also, WWF endorses this movement.

Changing the lifestyle is not easy but it is important. Society is experiencing the consumerism phase and people waste too much. Henceforth the new motto must be “reduction”. Waste reduction, consumption reduction, harmful substances reduction, etc. complying with the decalogue for the environment it is possible to save the planet.

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