Ecosustainability and artificial intelligence: how technology can help save the planet by 2030

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Saving the Earth is a priority. How to do it? By combining environmental sustainability and artificial intelligence (AI). But how do these two concepts relate to each other? How can artificial intelligence really contribute to promoting ecosustainability?

Soon, we will see some examples of how artificial intelligence can be used to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, monitor and protect biodiversity, manage waste and foster the development of renewable energy.

In addition, we will find out how IPPO Engineering, one of the best consulting companies specialising in innovative environmental solutions, can help you realise your ecosustainability projects with the help of artificial intelligence.


Table of contents

Artificial intelligence and energy efficiency

Ecosustainability is the ability to satisfy current needs without compromising those of future generations, ensuring respect for the environment and natural resources.

Artificial intelligence is the science of creating computer systems capable of performing tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as object recognition, natural language understanding, problem solving and learning.

Energy efficiency is the ability to reduce energy consumption to achieve the same or a better result. Artificial intelligence can help optimise energy use in various sectors, such as industry, construction, transport and agriculture. For example, artificial intelligence can:

Artificial intelligence for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions are responsible for global warming and its negative effects on climate, health and the ecosystem. Artificial intelligence can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in several ways:

Artificial intelligence, biotechnology and biodiversity

One of the fields in which AI has made enormous progress is biotechnology. AI can help predict and model molecular interactions, accelerating the research and development of new biotechnology products. This can lead to more efficient and sustainable solutions for food production, electricity and waste management.

Biodiversity, likewise, is essential for the functioning of natural cycles, the provision of ecosystem services, food security and human well-being. However, biodiversity is threatened by factors such as habitat destruction, pollution, climate change and overexploitation of resources. Artificial intelligence can help monitor and protect biodiversity in many ways:

Artificial intelligence for waste management

Waste can have negative impacts on the environment and health if it is not managed properly. Artificial intelligence can then help to manage waste:

Artificial intelligence and renewable energy

Renewable energies are those energy sources that do not run out and have a low environmental impact, such as the sun, wind, water, the Earth’s heat and biomass.

Renewable energies are crucial for the ecological transition to a more sustainable and secure model. AI can predict energy production from sources such as wind and sun, based on meteorological data. This would reduce waste and increase efficiency.

Other methods are:

Artificial intelligence and hydrogen production

Regarding the question “how is hydrogen produced”, AI can provide innovative answers and improve its production processes. More precisely, it can predict and optimise the chemical reactions involved in the production of this gas.

AI can, therefore:

How IPPO Engineering can help you develop a sustainability project with artificial intelligence

From what we have just seen, the combination of ecosustainability and artificial intelligence is a winning one for protecting and preserving our planet.

IPPO Engineering, a company specialised in innovative solutions for the environment, offers consultancy services for the design, implementation and management of systems for ecosustainability, using artificial intelligence as a tool for support and innovation.

If you want IPPO Engineering to help you realise ecosustainability projects with artificial intelligence, contact us now. We will offer you a free, personalised consultation and show you our success stories and testimonials.

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