Home automation systems: why they are better than traditional ones

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Home automation is a growing trend. Thanks to home automation systems, indeed, you can save money on your utility bills and enjoy a more comfortable and safer life.

In this article we will try to understand what home automation is, how it works, what its advantages are and why more and more people are deciding to install home automation systems in their homes.

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Etymology of the term home automation

Etymologically, the word derives from the crasis of the Latin word domus (house) with the Greek suffix ticos (application of technology). Home automation, therefore, deals with the study and application of technologies aimed at optimising energy consumption and improving the quality of life.

What are home automation systems

Home automation systems allow the automation of the home habitat and its functions, such as lighting, heating, air conditioning, opening and closing shutters, etc. Everything can be controlled via a smart device or control unit, allowing customised programming.

Home automation systems, therefore, are integrated high-tech systems connected to the Internet, designed for more effective management of the domestic space. They include:

Why you should prefer home automation systems to traditional ones

Home automation systems offer more benefits than traditional ones, let’s see which ones.

More comfort

Home automation systems undoubtedly offer a higher level of comfort. Imagine being able to programme the heating to come on just before you come home, being able to control the lighting from an app on your smartphone, or even being able to control the music in every room of the house with a simple voice command.

More security

Home automation systems ensure a high level of security. From motion sensors and alarm systems to gas leak detectors and security cameras, everything can be managed and monitored remotely. Knowing that your home is safe will give you greater peace of mind.

High energy efficiency

One of the most interesting aspects of home automation systems is that they allow high energy efficiency. Thanks to the ability to programme, control and monitor e.g. heating or light sources, waste can be reduced, thus maximising energy efficiency.

How to install a home automation system

Installing a home automation system can be as simple as it is complex and can vary from home to home. Generally, the process includes designing the system, installing various components (such as sensors, actuators and control units) and configuring the associated software. It is important to rely on experienced professionals to ensure that everything works properly and safely.

Home automation systems examples

Home automation systems for living use use technologies and devices through which the user activates and manages, even remotely, the automation of his own home.

Home automation systems therefore serve to:

All of these functions, interconnected wired or wirelessly, can be operated directly via smartphones, tablets and PCs or via purpose-built remote controls.


The costs depend on the type of system infrastructure to be set up: for a basic one (70 square metres) about 7.000 euros are needed, of which 5.000 euros are for the rebuilding of the electrical system and 2.000 euros for the configuration.

Embrace sustainability, rely on IPPO Engineering

Home automation systems represent the future of home automation. They offer an unprecedented level of comfort, safety and energy efficiency, making life more comfortable and peaceful.

So, it doesn’t matter whether it’s managing lighting, heating, security or the multimedia system; home automation systems have the potential to revolutionise the way we live.

Remember, home automation is not just about comfort, it is an investment on the future. And with home automation systems, that future is now.

To discover the most suitable solution for your home, especially at the software level, we advise you to rely on IPPO Engineering’s team of experts: for years we have been focusing on sustainability, renewable energy and conscious use of energy.

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