Environmental technology: nothing is wasted, everything is reused

Environmental technology applied to blue economy aims at adopting new production techniques and improving existing ones, trying to achieve more with the available resources.

Environmental technology used in the blue economy push towards sustainable green models that generate a positive and long-term impact on the health of oceans, seas, coasts and seabed, including fishing and maritime transport.


Environmental technology and the blue economy propose to make the most of what we already have, regenerating urban areas and reusing materials.

These solutions concern the oceans, fishing, aquaculture, the food processing industry, pleasure boating, coastal tourism and mining activities.

IPPO Engineering looks at the opportunities provided by the European Community in the sector of marine energy and biotechnology, aiming to:

  • Strengthen the offer of high-value jobs
  • Revitalise the traditional sectors of the economy and identify new emerging sectors
  • Safeguard marine ecosystems in order to keep them healthy


One of the main challenges in using environmental technologies for the blue economy is to preserve the profitability of the traditional maritime economy consisting of tourism, fishing, mining and energy exploitation. To achieve it, it’s fundamental to reduce the impact of factors such as climate change, the decrease in biodiversity and pollution.
The aim is that all human actions relating to marine and maritime activities become more respectful of the environment, to support those who invest in protecting and safeguard of these activities. 

Investments in blue growth

Blue growth offers several short and long term investment opportunities on multiple levels: 


It will cover 90% of foreign trade and 40% of trade within the EU


It will enhance the job offer relating to the marine and maritime world


It will reduce carbon emissions and will safeguard the sea, land and fresh water

Blue thinking

Environmental technologies and the blue economy promote the use of new solutions supported by scientific research, which reduce production costs in every sector, without neglecting the respect for the environment.
Thus, a lower investment would correspond to a higher income and an increase in jobs.

At the basis of everything we find blue thinking, a philosophy of thought that looks at environmental eco-sustainability and renewable resources as an ocean of possibilities for the benefit of social and economic growth. Seas and oceans are therefore an incredible resources that must be treasured.